Customer Reviews

Love your services and am looking into your home delivery. Our produce from you has always been awesome. Prices cant be beat.

Krstl LsnAbbotsford, BC

Love how you give back to the community continuously..and your produce is fresh and affordable!

Anita KreinerAbbotsford, BC

Fresh quality produce and fruits! And affordable. Always flexible!

Patti TubbsAldergrove, BC

Love your produce! Great products for an amazing price. Thanks for your services. Look forward to getting more tasty goods.

Ashley DavisAbbotsford, BC

Love the quality and prices!

Tara McCarthyAbbotsford, BC

Thanks for the great produce and for the chat.

Peggy Melton-DudenMission, BC

Wish i knew this yesterday i would have made an order for our dinner tonight!! But there is many more Saturday morning delivers and can’t wait!!!

Dajana GasparlinMission, BC

The oranges are Fantastic…so sweet. I had 2 sitting on my kitchen table for 2 weeks less a day. Ate them yesterday, they still sweet and tasty. The white potatoes are very good. Garlic so fresh. Carrots…mmmm. Zero complaints.

Michael DrouxMission, BC

I think you giving back is super generous.

Tanya Barrett-EelyAbbotsford, BC

Looking forward to home delivery!

Lauren CalbeckAbbotsford, BC

Everything I bought from you was great quality. Apples nice and crunchy. Pears were huge, great for canning. Raspberries were delicious. Potatoes! I think you’re doing wonderful giving to “Ruth & Naomi’s” and everyone else you work with. You have great prices. TY!

Sara ThompsonChilliwack, BC

As you know my family are big fans! The produce and prices are amazing. And the fact that you give so much back to the community, blows my mind! People helping people, it’s how the world was meant to be run. Keep doing what you’re doing, we all appreciate your services and generosities.

Taffie MabelAbbotsford, BC

Excellent service and produce! Thank you! Great service, on time and I’m loving my fresh produce with so many add on varieties of produce to choose from! Recommended. 👍

Lynne OggyAbbotsford, BC

Thank you for the opportunity. You make healthy choices available to those of us who can’t otherwise afford it. Looking forward to Abbotsford home delivery.

Stacey Waugh HardwareAbbotsford, BC

Can’t wait for my first home delivery, and thank you so much for so many opportunities of possibly winning of one of your many giveaways.

Patti BuchananChilliwack, BC

Your produce is excellent! Great quality. My daughter loves picking out her snacks.

Alicia JamesHope, BC

Cool! Totally awesome prices!

Clara HallHope, BC

You are one of the reasons I moved back to Abbotsford. Your generosity for the community is what we should all strive for. Looking forward to more of your excellent food and services.

Lee DanetteAbbotsford, BC

Yes please. I can’t wait for you to do the home delivery to Abbotsford.

Shauna PaulAbbotsford, BC

Love the produce, love what you offer the community. Very interested please and thank you.

Angelina TrudelAbbotsford, BC

Excited I found you and what you offer, looking forward to buying produce.

Chantelle RobertsonAbbotsford, BC

Super excited to receive my first of many home delivery bins. Oh and a chance to win a produce prize, SWEET!

Laurie BrennanAbbotsford, BC

Produce is great. Great prices.

Kathy WatsonAbbotsford, BC

The fruit and veggies are great, and it’s wonderful to be able to support small business owners!

Christal Hilina’i SchmittAbbotsford, BC

So convenient to have it delivered right to my door! The produce is great! Giving back is so wonderful. Thank you!

Kylie JordanMission, BC

Wow, he supports the communities! That is a fantastic effort out of his pocket. And his prices for the consumers make it possible for my kids to have fresh fruit everyday.

Fuller LiaAbbotsford, BC

Even though I put my order in late last night, past the order time, you were so accommodating! My delivery was here earlier then I expected due to my late order. I absolutely love the fact that it was delivered right to my door at below grocer prices! I also love that I was able to customize my bin but have the option of having a pre-mixed bin another time. Wonderful experience all around! It was a pleasure meeting you today Real and look forward to future interactions!

Amber GranerMission, BC

As it was kinda last minute yesterday morning, you were so accommodating, you still came by and I picked everything I needed and then some. You’re great, timely, great personality to chat with. Produce is wonderful. You give back to community, which is amazing. Even more of a reason to support you and your business. Keep up the Great work, Real! Also we will be definitely getting our produce from you again and again.

Colleen AaltenMission, BC

The website looks incredible!!

Shianne ShanayAbbotsford, BC

LOVE THE WEBSITE!!! Fantastic what a awesome awesome web site!!! You did a awesome job, Sherman!!!

Lona FleuryDeroche, BC

I bought some pears, apples and a cucumber from you last Sunday at the Abbotsford flea market. The cucumber was absolutely delicious, so juicy, my 1.5 year old pretty much ate the entire thing lol. The pears and apples were perfect as well. So juicy and full of flavour, even got my 4.5 year old to try a pear and she loved it! You are wonderful to be giving so much back to the community in a healthy way. Your products keep for longer and taste 100X better. Keep it up and thank you.

Kristy HuttonAbbotsford, BC

Thank you for the opportunity to win some of your fresh products, Real! I love reading how many people benefit from your successes…keep up the great work you’re already doing! I’ve met you today by Timmy’s at the Junction….looking forward to more fresh veggies and juicy fruits and future home deliveries!

Paola Pederzini-GiacomettiMission, BC

I have yet to order as I just found out about you BUT I love your motive and your reasons why. Being involved at the ground level in your community is key to change and progress, especially with a purpose like yours. I look forward to working with you in the super near future.

Neely McGovernAbbotsford, BC

I will be messaging you to buy a mixed bin next week. Looking forward to buying from you again. I used to buy a lot from you previously when you sold bread and organic tortillas etc. Thanks for your effort in giving back!

Rachel VesperAbbotsford, BC

Wow read every comment. Truly inspirational. Would love to support you, Real Robert. Thank you for what you do. With the community support this can only grow. Thank you, Real.

Gail DimpleAbbotsford, BC

I bought my first produce from you on Thursday. Everything was Amazing!!! My daughter and grandson suffer from heartburn so don’t normally eat oranges but they ate yours and couldn’t believe they didn’t bother them. My grandson came back for 2 more, lol. The prices are amazing as well and the fact that you give back to the people who can’t afford fresh fruit and veggies is Awesome!!! Keep up the great work!

Laura JohnsonChilliwack, BC

Love the produce always fresh and affordable.

Catherine OhlssonAbbotsford, BC

I have not had a chance to buy off you yet but I will cause I love that you give back.

Brandy VerschooreChilliwack, BC

The raspberries were perfect- gone by my kids before I got home!

Pamela Goe LewisChilliwack, BC

This is so awesome, the prices and the service, always with a smile and kindness that goes on for days. I have to let everybody I know about these deals.

Karen SpurrellChilliwack, BC