Valley Produce Donates to Hope BC Food Bank and HATS Community Support Center

Today, Valley Produce delivered 100lbs of potatoes, 90lbs of apples, and mixed bags of salads to the Food bank in Hope BC. Tomorrow is Food Bank day in Hope, so we wanted to make sure they were well stocked. We then donated 5 cases of mixed bags of salad to them.

In addition, we were pleased to donate to the HATS Community Support Center:

  • 300lbs of apples
  • 50 lbs of potatoes
  • 25 lbs of pears

Today was a great day for both the support we received and what we gave back to our community. HATS Community Support Center has also agreed to share the donations with the Food Bank as well.

We appreciate our customers’ support so we can continue to support organizations like the Food Bank in Hope, BC and HATS Community Support Center.

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