6 Good Reasons To Shop With Valley Produce

  • Fresh Produce

    Our fruits and vegetables are picked up 3 times a week from our Lower Mainland wholesaler/distributor, so our produce is fresh and not sitting in a warehouse for a long time. Typically, we’re picking up stock from our supplier for our next day delivery.

  • Cold Storage

    In between delivery days, our produce is stored in a cold storage to maintain its quality and freshness. We do this to ensure we do our best to get you the freshest produce delivered to your doorstep.

  • Affordable Pricing

    We feel fresh produce makes a difference to our quality of life. However, not everyone can afford the grocery store prices that accommodates for their overhead of employees and commercial leases. We stay lean, and since we cut out unnecessary middleman, we can pass on the savings to you, our customer.

  • Delivered To Your Doorstep

    All of us lead busy lives. Whether you’re a busy “Chief Home Executive” of many children, or work outside the home, or both, if you can save drive time to and from the grocery store with fresh produce delivered to your doorstep, would you enjoy the extra time on what matters to you most? We think so.

  • Free Delivery

    Not only are our fresh produce prices better than your typical grocery stores, we don’t charge for delivery. Savings upon savings!

  • Local Community Giving

    We have a soft spot in our hearts for charitable organizations in our community that serve those who are under-served. We’ve donated hundreds of pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables to date to organizations like Ruth & Naomi’s Mission in Chilliwack BC. In fact, we’re on the look out for other such organizations in every city we deliver to, to make a difference there. The more we grow, the more support we receive from our customers, the more we can give.

What Do We Do?

At Valley Produce, we provide affordable and fresh produce delivery (fresh fruit and vegetable delivery) service to customers in the Fraser Valley. Our current service areas are Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack, Agassiz, Harrison, Deroche and Hope BC.

Why Do We Do It?

We feel fresh fruits and vegetables can change us, our city, our community, this side of the world. However, this often comes at a premium. We’re on a mission to change this.

Who Do We Support?

With a portion of our profits from this program, we donate our fresh produce to local charitable organizations who serve low-income residents, pensioners, those on disability & social assistance, and seniors in independent living situations. We’ve donated hundreds of pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables to date.

Customer Reviews

Love your services and am looking into your home delivery. Our produce from you has always been awesome. Prices cant be beat.

Krstl LsnAbbotsford, BC

Love how you give back to the community continuously..and your produce is fresh and affordable!

Anita KreinerAbbotsford, BC

Fresh quality produce and fruits! And affordable. Always flexible!

Patti TubbsAldergrove, BC

Love your produce! Great products for an amazing price. Thanks for your services. Look forward to getting more tasty goods.

Ashley DavisAbbotsford, BC

Love the quality and prices!

Tara McCarthyAbbotsford, BC

Thanks for the great produce and for the chat.

Peggy Melton-DudenMission, BC

Wish i knew this yesterday i would have made an order for our dinner tonight!! But there is many more Saturday morning delivers and can’t wait!!!

Dajana GasparlinMission, BC

The oranges are Fantastic…so sweet. I had 2 sitting on my kitchen table for 2 weeks less a day. Ate them yesterday, they still sweet and tasty. The white potatoes are very good. Garlic so fresh. Carrots…mmmm. Zero complaints.

Michael DrouxMission, BC

I think you giving back is super generous.

Tanya Barrett-EelyAbbotsford, BC

Looking forward to home delivery!

Lauren CalbeckAbbotsford, BC

Everything I bought from you was great quality. Apples nice and crunchy. Pears were huge, great for canning. Raspberries were delicious. Potatoes! I think you’re doing wonderful giving to “Ruth & Naomi’s” and everyone else you work with. You have great prices. TY!

Sara ThompsonChilliwack, BC

As you know my family are big fans! The produce and prices are amazing. And the fact that you give so much back to the community, blows my mind! People helping people, it’s how the world was meant to be run. Keep doing what you’re doing, we all appreciate your services and generosities.

Taffie MabelAbbotsford, BC